Light Up Your Room

*This post is written for Premier Lighting*


I always envy houses with great lighting. Maybe it’s time that we start to change the boring light bulbs and the long fluorescent ceiling lights in the house. But to think about all the DIY process makes me shudder in laziness..haha! Let’s have a look at this range of track lighting that they have at Premier Lighting.

Maybe for a start I should try to have this 8 Light Monorail Kit for the dining area. I like my space to be bright so all the dim, yellow lights (which Hubby loves) are definitely out of plan. I don’t have a 20/20 vision so I need to stay clear of what ahead to see on my dinner plate..haha!


If given the choice, I would also love to have a chandelier in my study room someday. Of course having a bigger and more intricate designs for the chandelier will be a plus point, but for now since I can’t afford a housekeeper to clean the dust, I will be less ambitious and choose this simpler one. But still the main thing I should consider now is that who will fix all the lights for me. Maybe Hubby could lend his hand to help..haha!


  1. memula pindah dulu letak juga lampu yg antik2 tu.. tapi lama kelamaan florensen juga jadi pilihan..hehe sesuai utk kegunaan anak anak nak belajar..hehe

  2. ha ah mmg..kalau nak membaca or tgk tv, kena pasang lampu terang tu jugak..baru celik bijik mata…hehe..lain la kalau bilik rehat2 nak rilek2 sambil dgr muzik, mungkin yg lampu antik cahaya kuning tu sesuai..kan zino!

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