Shop Till I Drop

For once I could not find a picture which will portray this entry, at least not to that sense, my kind of shopping frenzy.

When I first got the money from blogging, I’ve been telling myself that I will buy this and that and I think I’ve done my shopping mantra right..haha!

I bought the terracota pots that I want, around 5 of them which are waiting to be filled with soil and the plants..maybe I’ll do that this weekend. I bought 5 tudung bawal (now I’m planning to buy another 2 if the stock is still available), I even bought Aura Seri..haha..but yet to use it. Maybe once I use and can see the difference I will write an entry about that..haha.

I have sent 4 pairs of baju kurung to tailors (among which I bought one and half pasang while going out for facial), bought 2 BUM long sleeve t-shirt at Parkson for my daily wear this week and I have just bought a blouse online..

I think I’m done with my shopping this month…hehe. And to wrap it up I just spend USD368.68 today for scrapbooking and wood decoupage items, which is almost RM1k in you think I regret spending that much money on hobby..well, in a way I am because it’s not easy to get USD400 by blogging but still when you wanna something you oughta get them no matter what, right?

For now I feel bad that my money is depleting in the account, but I do believe that only by spending and enjoying the things you bought in life, you will have a greater drive to earn some more.

I have bigger thing to pay in August so I have to work harder in July..wink!

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