Zip Your Email

I think I need to let my friends who use their office email address to know about this SecureZIP – The next generation of ZIP.

I read in a product review that their Version 11 ZIP has the ability to encrypt e-mail body and calendar attachments via improved integration with Microsoft Outlook which is good especially when we exchange emails that I consider as confidential.

It’s sad to realize that most people are really living in ignorance when it comes to emailing data and secured information.

Maybe they think whatever info and data they circulate through email won’t jeopardize their career later.

But then again, who knows when somebody is really holding a grudge on you and waiting for the opportunity to find strong evidence that could taint your reputation.

A colleague from my previous employment told me that he is still in the mailing list that the managers created and when the managers of that different departments are having cold war, he can read every single words they hurl in the emails they send to each other.

That would still be fine but what if those managers are actually having intimate affairs that could risk their marriage and career.

Believe me, infidelity at work is very common now and yet people usually close their eyes at the office, minding their own business. (In this case it would be good for the spouse if the managers do not know how to encrypt the love email..haha!)


Plus if you have SecureZIP, you could use it like the normal ZIP software. You can unzip .zip (including all WinZip files), .rar, .tar, .gz, .jar, .uue and more and compress files up to 95%.

Next time when you want to send some documents with unoptimized pictures and all sort of things that burden the mailbox of the recipient, learn the easy way to compress your file.

I hate to open my email and see all bulky emails send by my ignorant friends. (But I just feel grateful that at least they are still IT literate, otherwise it would restrict our two way communication)

Have a look at SecureZIP at their official website at It is so simple to download and use. They are giving away free license for a limited time so don’t waste your chance.

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