Let’s Eat Shrimp

It is a hot day today and I am so busy completing the craft orders to the extent that I don’t have time to cook at home.

So Hubby and I decided it’s best we head out to the nearest eating place and eat something there.

I feel like eating something from seafood recipes range but I have no idea what to eat.

Especially when it is extremely hot and the guy at the eating place said they have no ice..huh!

Later he came back and told us ice is back and I can order my apple juice. Good!

So here it goes in the video.

Udang Petai – shrimp in chili with petai (green beans with pungent smell)..haha!

I don’t know what kind of dish it is, maybe Thai but it’s spicy and I like the fact that the shrimp is clean and easy to bite into.

Oh, they did not shell the shrimp so I have to use my teeth to take out the shell.

If you happen to have stock of chili at home maybe you can try this, but don’t ask me the recipe. (That’s why I eat this dish outside because I don’t know how to cook it at home..haha!)

Or maybe you can try Shrimp Pad Thai recipe at EatShrimp.com.

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