Busy Day=Messy House

I wish I am not that busy. I have piles of new magazines not even opened since I bought them at the book store last week…and that for me is really an indicator of how lack of leisure time I really have in hand at this moment.


These are among many things I completed last weekend and the past two days when most of Malaysians were enjoying their long public holiday due to Wesak Day and Labour Day.

And yet it was a laborious day for me..huhu!

But what to do, business is business.

And when the due date is looming near, no amount of time is ever enough to be spent on the crafting work.

Yet I still take some time to go out and enjoy fresh view and take deep breath because in my line of creative work, inspiration and the right mood is very, very crucial.

I hope this chaos will be over soon.

I take it August as the right month to relax (provided I don’t have any new order coming in the list)

I’m off PC for now because those colorful ribbons are calling me to go and craft my ideas to bridal bouquet of perfection.

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