The Credit Card Fraud

Have you ever been involved in credit cards fraud? I have the experience about 4 years ago. I was stunned to see massive spending on petrol in states about 400km away from my place.


Luckily that time was the time when credit cards fraud cases on petrol was rampantly published on the news so most of the banks and credit cards companies were aware of such problem.

Otherwise I would have to come out with alibi and written statement stating that on that date so and so, I was actually slaving my back at work and not filling up petrol in my tiny car up to the volume enough to fill up a tanker.

Fortunately enough, that I am the kind of person who check what’s printed in the statement every month because otherwise I wouldn’t know that my card has been used in fraud activities.

Anyway, while still on the topic of credit card, do you wonder what do you spend your credit card balance on? For me, I spend it on dining out and buying stuffs, it used to be clothing and household appliances but now I spend on business supply.

Check out this article about what do you put into your credit card.

I think I spend quite a large amount on one of my hubby’s cards on IKEA furniture and we are still paying it now. Come to think of it maybe it is wiser if we use the 0% credit cards on such big buying and save a lot more on the interest.

Hubby is thinking of doing 0% balance transfers but since he just change his job so we thought it will be more easier to apply for new card if he has at least 3 months payslips from this new employer.

This way there will be less hassle from the credit card sales guy next time hubby fax the application form and other relevant documents to the credit card company.

I hope by doing this balance transfer will help cut down on the interest amount we have to fork out every month.

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