The Blackout Weekend

Last week while taking a break from my bunga telur making task, we decided to watch Thai horror movie Dorm.

About half way in the movie suddenly there was power outage and the whole housing area in my street had massive blackout.

Even the phone line was out and Hubby had to call TNB on his handphone.

It was not even 11pm that time and we were so pissed off with the heat and the mosquitoes attack. We tried to stay still and do nothing but after like 5 minutes it just became very restless.

As usual, whenever you are in need of something you will realize that you do not have enough stock of it.


In this case, we ran out of normal candle supply. As you can see in the picture that was like 3 very short candles on the stand, burning itself.

I have to use my (expensive) scented candle in the glass just in case we really out of candle before the power came back.

Since I just watched a horror movie, I would never want to stay in the dark till the electricity is back..haha!

I even dozed off for 10 minutes before the mosquitoes started to attack like crazy. I used conventional way to burn the mosquito coil but it seems that it was only good to make all the clothes in the bedroom smell terribly. 🙁

Luckily the power came back around 12:30am and I was so happy to get back to my blogging and craft tasks.

I hope that this weekend will never have such outage. I don’t know which one is worse, having no electricity or having no water? But for me not having Internet connection is the worst of all..haha!

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