Workstation What?

Actually while transferring pictures from my Sony T30 to my workstation a week ago, I decided to snap a few pictures of my desk.

Just in case one of these days I’m out of topic to blog about, at least I can post the picture for others to see how a desk for a person who work from home looks like..haha!

Then I found one contest from Mr.Gary Lee blog and I decided it’s just right for me to post about my messy desk now.


It’s an old desk. I had it since I was in University about 6-7 years ago.

The monitor I got it from my husband after he decided to buy an LCD. Come together with the monitor is his collection of anime character of Doraemon.

The CPU is under the desk, bought it 4 years ago when I realized that my old CPU could no longer run the Sims 2.

Actually my SOHO is much bigger than this but since I share the room with hubby and he’s very concerned about showing the whole area to the public (he even locks the room whenever we go out on weekend for fear that thief will break in..haha..God forbid!), so you have to be satisfied with this corner of mine.

No worries as I am moving to my own craft cum SOHO room soon.

It’s just that I am so lazy to dismantle everything and re arrange everything in the new room plus I love the air cond in this room.

See the air cond remote, it’s on my desk together with the glass of Issey Miyake scented candle, a bottle of glitter, a desk calendar, one pandan box that I took upstairs to measure and never put back in the display cabinet and some bits and pieces of rough paper and sticky notes that I never bother to throw away.

Oh, the Starbucks mug? I don’t drink coffee, it’s a cereal drink for my lunch.

When I see this picture in this post, I should have taken a better one. NVM, just imagine this like a celebrity face without makeup..haha!

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