The Pirate Party


The birthday party date is looming near and I am yet to find the materials I want.

Hubby wouldn’t agree to my idea of decorating with balloons and I couldn’t find anything pirate locally.

I wish there is such thing as Halloween store in Malaysia.

Maybe I have to let go of the idea to have pirate theme for Hubby’s birthday party this time.

Not until I could find pirate costumes and decorations that suit to the theme.

Otherwise my pirate party would be nothing more than a child’s play.

If only I live somewhere in US that allow such online purchase and easy delivery right at my doorstep.


I would want to have the pirate parrot, the eye patch, the wig, the pirate belt with skull emblem and the list goes on.

Check out this pirate hat with dreadlocks. Even the Pirates of The Caribbeans 3 would die to get one of this..haha!

Never mind, next year when it’s my birthday party instead of pirate theme I will go for some gothic theme. I found great costume to go with it.

No, no I should choose something more fancy and colorful rather than some depressing moody witch look.

I think butterfly theme will look nice. It’s nice, huh to dream on like little girl once more.. blek!


  1. remember farah, our Yellow house party, Gardenia’s theme which was “Hook” the film. still remember how hard you were preparing and planning for the costume thingy, ehehehe syok siot. looking back at the old photos, really miss the time lar! still rasa nak buat macam dulu-dulu gak? one more thing how u and si nurra dok tangkap jiwang ngan novel “Sampai Hati” aku and ur obession with Air Supply’s song. Definitely one of the best years in TKC!

  2. Tu la J-Jay, best la time2 tu semua..aku tunggu anak aku masuk TKC je la..boleh buat2 menyibuk time ada house party ngan english drama..

    tapi kot2 time tu semua dah advanced dorang terus tak de bakat buat benda2 camtu..weh, even sekarang everytime aku dgr Air Supply terus terkenang zaman2 kat Gardenia tu..haha!

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