I’ve Got New Order


It’s for August client. I know I said that I feel like not taking any more new orders after my current deal is over in May, but hey, who can turn down a great client who happened to be a friend of my degree mate.

So the deposit was in into my bank account this afternoon and I already placed the order to my supplier for 400 pieces of the raw mengkuang materials. I always feel excited whenever I embark on new deal especially if I haven’t done the products in large quantity. Just to test how efficient my crafty hands will work this time..haha

For those of you who are not familiar with mengkuang, it is a part of pandanus family, I think this is how the real mengkuang plant looks like.

Years ago back in my late grandma kampung house in a remote area in Alor Setar, she used to plant this mengkuang by her telaga so that she would have ample supply of mengkuang leaves to weave her own mat.

I should have learned how to weave the mat, or even learn how the whole process to create the dried mengkuang takes place before we can weave them to become a mat.

But that was years ago when I was still a child and has not discovered the crafty side of my brain..hehe..

I’m not sure whether any of my aunts has learned the craft from her. She was a great cook, a loving grandma and like me she has a terrible way in cleaning and arranging her house. I think most of my personal traits I get from her.

I remembered when I was a teenager and I went to visit her during school holiday, she will cook traditional delicacy and will persuade me to learn the recipe, but at that time I never realized that an opportunity like that will pass if you let it go. I always say to her, there will be next time or other people will know how to cook her delicious kuih lompang.

It makes me realize that whatever knowledge or experience you have, you should teach others and let them inherit those wisdom from you, otherwise when your time in this world is over, you left no legacy behind.

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