Rainy Day Sad Syndrome


It’s rainy season in Malaysia. I remembered the fact in Geography lesson during my high school year, April is the month in which Malaysia or to be specific states like KL, Selangor will get the most rain..huhuhu..

I know some people like when it rains. But for a stay home person like me, the outlook of cloudy sky does not help to brighten my day. The picture above was taken after a heavy pour one weekend morning before I decided to stop working on my PC and went down to the kitchen to cook.

I was blog hopping today and found one article about Seasonal Affective Disorder. I think I should be thankful that Malaysia does not have winter or else I might be the saddest person too..haha! I think I can try the tips she wrote to overcome the SAD.

I’m glad that my SOHO is on the second level of my double-storey house and instead of a basement like hers, it’s a guest bedroom which Hubby converted into home office. When I peep through the side window that’s what I saw (check the above picture). I dare not open the curtains all the time for fear that those guys staying at the back room at neighbor’s house will see me in less appropriate clothing.

Check out the article, I like tips no. 8 and 10!


  1. Hey MQ, thanks for the link! I’m quite jealous of your warm winters, that’s for sure. And all of our bedrooms are filled with kids – what do you think, maybe I should put one of them in the basement instead, eh? 😉

  2. Hi Wendy,

    Sometimes it’s too hot in Malaysia and feel like you are baked in the sun but still it’s better than having long winter.

    For now I still have unused guest rooms to convert into SOHO and a craft room but maybe in a year or two I have to get a bigger house to accommodate any child I might have..(I think!)

    I think your kids will feel like heaven living in the basement coz they can make a big mess in it..haha!

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