The Jean-Claude of Backgammon

For local Malaysians, please be warned that the left side tiger has nothing to do with a local cereal and energy biscuit commercials. In fact, let me introduce you to Jean-Claude, the animated tiger who is the number 1 player for backgammon.

If you feel like playing online game, then try your luck with this backgammon game. The tiger is there to inspire you and he will tell his life story of how he became successful in what he do. Check his online video here.

In the opening clip you will find Jean-Claude, dressed in 70’s clothes (bell-bottoms and cream-colored shoes, a button-up shirt with a dice print and a large dollar sign chain around his neck) sitting in his trailer in the used junk car lot he manages. He will tell the audience about his life in humorous and mafia like style, full of weird French (or is it Italian?) accent. No, he doesn’t feel pathetic or sad amidst the junk in fact he sounds like a street smart tiger.

In these 5 part interactive animation series titled ‘Life According to Jean-Claude’, the company BackgammonMasters has managed to create a new dimension in online backgammon branding. The well-designed and cleverly scripted animation series are able to illustrate to a wide audience the appeal of backgammon as a skill game truly loved and played by all people, from all walks of life from around the world.

Viewers could win prizes for trivia questions after viewing, and are offered rewards for suggestions for any script ideas used. Clips can be easily forwarded to friends who will create the viral marketing buzz. So check out the tiger and try your hand at the online backgammon game.

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