Need A Loan?


I have a friend, in fact she is one of my close friends since high school now working in UK as a medical doctor. Back then while she was completing her study, she was telling me that she was in need of money to pay for her accommodation during her last semester.

She went to UK 7 years ago on government scholarship and somehow during the last semester (while she was doing internship in a hospital nearby) the amount was not enough to cover the expenses of her hostel accommodation.

So she went to a good, reputable bank and requested for personal loan and after a while she told me that she got it. I was definitely happy for her but I was wondering how come it is so easy for a student, yet to be a full time working doctor to get a personal loan.

With that money she was able to pay for the accommodation fees and even supported her parents to go over to UK for her convocation ceremony.

Personally I feel using a personal loan is a big help if you know how to manage your finance well and responsible enough to pay for it on time. As for now, my friend is still working in UK because she needs to pay off the loans before she decided to come home to Malaysia for good.

If you are in UK and in need of loan, visit the website SelectLoans to compare loans. There are mainly two types of loans available, one is Secured Loans and another one is Unsecured Loans.

Make sure you have done a thorough loan shopping before you decide which one you will sign up to. The choice you should make will depend on your own personal circumstances and loan amounts. So think wisely and once you get the loan, don’t let it burst into the air in your haste judgment of wild spending.

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