Cooking Brown Rice

I found new thing to explore today..hehehe..while chatting with a friend on GTalk, she was telling me about eating brown rice. She said it taste better if you eat brown rice with soy sauce..huh! This is something to it reminds me that about a year ago, when hubby and I was into gym regime, we were planning to go on healthy diet and bought all kind of health food including a packet of brown rice.


A few months passed by yet the packet of brown rice is still intact. So after reading what my friend was telling me, I decided to go down and check in the kitchen the well-being of my brown rice. I can see a lot of small ants and rice lice (?), or what Malays call as bubuk..huhuhu

*Updated at 4:28am Wednesday, the rice lice real term is rice weevil. Checked on Google and the picture is the same as the rice weevil in the brown rice packet..hehe

So read what the Internet says about brown rice, quoting this from

“Keep in mind that standard brown rice takes twice as long to cook as white rice, although there are some quick brown rice products available. Brown rice should be used within 6 months because it has a high level of natural oil within the outer bran layer making it subject to rancidity. Brown rice may be refrigerated or frozen for longer shelf-life.”

Nevertheless I still cook the brown rice. Luckily my fuzzy logic rice cooker has the menu program for cooking brown rice so I’m waiting for the outcome of the rice. Will update about it later, OK!

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