End of February 2007


It was a very windy day and I never bothered to close the sliding door. After few hours upstairs chatting with a friend while responding to clients’ emails, I went down and noticed everything thin and light has been splattered everywhere on the floor…huhuhu..the attack of February wind…

And then I noticed my decoupage napkin was missing..huhuhu…the bright red piece of such fragile paper was no longer on the ceramic plate…I looked around for it for days now, I have no idea where else the wind might blow it away. I looked under the sofa, nowhere to be seen. I lost my napkin…huhuhu..luckily the remnant pieces of the leaves and buds are still around. At least I still have something to do decoupage with.

Well, it’s almost the end of February. I like when time passed by quickly though in 2 months time I’m going to be a year older..huhuhu..It’s the end of youthful life, I’m becoming aging adult soon…waaaaaaaaaaaaaa 🙁 I hope I’ll be able to lead better life this year. Happy Wednesday, people! I like Wednesday because I can watch CSI..hehehe..


  1. zino, agaknya unit forensik yg dok buat keje2 CSI tu kot…so mcm tak de unit khas semata2 buat keje CSI kot..agaknya la..nanti MQ cuba tanya ketua polis baru tu yer..hahaha..

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