Decoupage III


Since I only bought one piece of napkin with one kind of design, I have no choice but to make full use of it. I should have bought another 2 or 3 napkins with different designs. NVM, I will buy some more later as long my interest is still strong in these decoupage crafts..hehehe..I have collected about 10 empty tins and bottles, the only missing materials are the napkins and acrylic paints. Now I have to find ways to either hang my decorated plate or buy the holder for the plate. Another mission to do..hehehe..

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  1. cayalah. hang memang infatuated ngan this art na… kalau rasa nak buat car-boot sale or flea market ker (bila item dah banyak and hang nak let go ker) , pls let me know, as I am interested gak nak tengok dekat dekat. talking about training stuff, dulu mak aku selalu menjemput orang luar utk ajar orang-orang PERSATUAN BAKAT (bini-bini tentera). Aktiviti ajar bunga dip la, cross-stich la, memang tak dok diam depa ni. nanti aku tanyakan member lama sorang ni dia pun orang kuat BAKAT (laki tudm KL) . kot-kot berminat boleh rekomen your kelas bunga telur or apa-apa kelas lepas ni.

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