A Trip To KL

It’s been a long time since my last Cuti-Cuti Malaysia trip. This time though it is not really cuti-cuti for hubby since he has to attend 2 days technical training in KL, I take the chance to really cuti-cuti myself…hahahha..not really cuti since I have to go out in the middle of KL to buy some stocks for the wedding orders, plus go to Kelana Jaya to take more stocks for brooch.

The Hotel Apartment of Pacific Regency is having a promotion starting 24 September and we got the one bedroom suite at such good bargain. It is located in front of Menara KL ( though we dont have the time to go up the tower), perhaps next time when Hubby manages to get over his vertigo and bring his DSLR D50 with him, oh not to forget to bring the telephoto lens to take the picture of hazy KL city…hahaha..

I would recommend this hotel to anybody who wish to stay in KL, but mind you it’s quite far from the Bukit Nanas Monorail station or LRT Dang Wangi, and there is not food stalls around this area. However it is very quiet and peaceful, plus the service is very good, except for the girl at the Front Office who was moody for no reason during our check in time on Sunday.

The promotion is inclusive of breakfast for two and since it is Ramadhan month, they change it to bersahur. And the best part is, it is sent to the room anytime between 2am-5.30am. And the biggest point why we choose Pacific Regency apart from the location, (the training centre is on 20th floor, we are on 30th), it is the complimentary wireless broadband that they provide…hehehe..for IT geek and Internet savy like us, Internet is compulsory to complete our everyday life…hahahha..and that’s why I’m able to update my blog while I’m away from home. :))

Take care people, selamat berpuasa and may you have the strength to carry on with everyday tasks all through Ramadhan.

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  1. nampak mewah je bilik tu.. dan tak jauh pun dari opis zino ni hehe..orang yg keja kat KL ni tak ada can la nak bermalam di hotel di KL nanti org kata membazir pulak.. hehe

    selamat berpuasa..

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