It’s Raining

Rain always make me feel moody, it gives the sense of melachonic feelings, seeping through your heart like something very sad is looming over…I don’t know how to describe it but I certainly dislike the feeling. Yes, it’s true that rain cool down the earth, but too much of it everyday makes everything you plan go on halt..

Or maybe it’s just my feeling nowadays, especially when you are alone at home, all sort of thinking gush in your head…indefinitely torturing your mind plus all the mushy sad songs you played on the mp3 player…hahahha..

Maybe I should write all my ideas into the novel or short love story I’ve been planning to do for ages..send it to Mingguan Wanita and see whether it gets published.. I’ll do that once I’m on my one month leave from …in the meantime I have to let go of this melodramatic thoughts…and it reminds me tomorrow will be our 8th year Anniversary together, not wedding anniversary but come to think of it, we have been through a lot all these years, high and low, happy and sad moments to be this far and high on the pedestal of happiness…my wish that the rain will wipe away all my tears, make it flow away into the drain, right into the soil of earth and from there a seed will grow and bloom into a beautiful flower…let it rains…

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  1. ahahha, good idea – writing a novel. aku pun ada masa mesti layan blues tulis cerita ker, utk bacaan sendiri. anyway, kalau menjadik hantar mingguan wanita tu, kabo kaborkan 🙂

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