A Trip To Museum

Last month we went to Muzium Negara after like 2 decades since our last visit. It was after we went to present some demo to a potential client that we decided to visit Muzium Negara. I really hate trying to find ways in the KL since we were really, really blur about roads in KL. Despite all the unknown roads and wrong turning we still managed to reach the destination. We even had lunch at Muzium Negara canteen…hahahha..

It was like one hour before the closing time and we had to rush from one gallery to another. I really don’t remember how the arrangement was back then in 1990s but I can see a lot of things interesting to capture the eyes of tourists to Malaysia. It covers almost all the aspect of life in Malaysia especially the gallery of Malaysian Faces. I would really recommend anybody who is interested to learn about Malaysian Culture and People to visit Muzium Negara.

Muzium Negara also has an additional gallery called Galeri Emas where ongoing exhibition like the Tulisan Jawi was stationed at that time. The Galeri Emas exhibits everything related to gold making, gold usage in Malaysia, it even has a big throne with bunga telur emas. I did not have enough time to read each and every information but overall I like my visit to museum. Perhaps next time we should wake up early in the morning, go to Muzium Negara again and spend more time reading all the informative details…hahahha…

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