Snow Flower, Geisha of Gion

Last two weeks, over the weekend we went to Mid Valley. Not only we bought an external DVD writer, but I also took the chance to buy Geisha of Gion at MPH. I’ve been searching for the book at MPH Alamanda but I guess the demand was not I managed to read half of the book and stop to do something that capture my interest later. Will write about that later.

Last week, since I was feeling gloomy and down, Hubby took me to the Curve. Actually it was to spend my 50 ringgit gift voucher there. Redeemed the points from credit card last year and with extra 50 to spend on books and magazine I made up my mind to buy something that beneficial and interesting enough to hold my attention for another week to come…hahahah..

I was thinking on buying Tash Aw – The Silk Factory fiction since he is a Malaysian and the story revolved in Malaysian surrounding, and few interesting looking book such as The Empress Orchid, you see my mood now is to read something geisha-like, story of royal concubine, something like that, so I was caught on Snow Flower and the Secret Fan by Lisa See. For a change I feel like reading some other author’s writing apart from those I have been used to read. The best part was I got 15% discount for student, I told the cashier that I no longer a student when he asked but dont know why he still gave me the discount…hahahha…

Apart from that I bought April’s Persona Pengantin for reference, and another sewing book which will be helpful once I sign up for the sewing class next month. Now I’m learning all the basic trade of beads and sequins and use the blue alas dulang as my guinea pig..hehehe…will upload the pic once I managed to sew all…Oh…i already bought 4 metres of cloth for my sewing class, see whether I can make my own baju kurung after 8 hours of lesson… anybody wants to hire me as a tailor, please do so…


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