A Less Sweet Peach Muffin

About less than an hour ago, I decided to bake peach muffin. So I was searching high and low for my Women’s Weekly Cooking Class Basic step-by-step recipes and techniques Cookbook. I found it stacked in one of the magazine holders in my work cabinet.

After dividing the amount of ingredient into half since I only intend to make about 6 muffins, I started to mix all into the bowl. I dont know what went wrong with my measurement since the mixture could not fit into 6 cups, so I have to add another 3 cups. And when everything was done, out from the oven looking golden and crispy on the outside, the muffins did not taste sweet enough. Waaaaaa…isk isk…I looked for my mixed fruit jam on the shelve, even that was past the date due. What a mess my muffin nite turn out to be…huhuhuhu…

Nevertheless Hubby still eat the muffins…and one more thing I learned that next time I have to arrange the peach very closely to each other because when the mixture rise while baking, 2 pieces of peach slice look too bare on the baked muffin….


  1. looks so yummy! Why dont u bake too for business eehehhehehe, can send sample here. Anyway less sweer peach muffin means low carb & sugar, kira OKLa tu!

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