Movie Day On Sunday

I was in the house the whole day on Sunday, didn’t even go out to throw rubbish, was planning to do my groceries shopping after facial but then when I called the beauty centre, they said they would be closing at 5 since that Sunday was Chap Goh Meh day. Damn….so I have no choice but to postpone my long overdue facial to the other week. Hopefully I can make it next Saturday since on Sunday, I have DIY Beauty Workshop in the schedule. Well, since I don’t have any particular plan, I continue to do the blue bunga telur while watching Astro. It was raining outside so I thought no need to water the plants. I was watching Mona Lisa Smile for 3rd time on HBO when they showed next movie in line. It would be 50 First Dates followed by Gothika. Since I have not watch any of those, there goes my groceries shopping…hahahha…there will be no more cooking until next shopping. 50 First Dates made me wonder if there is any guy in this world who will go the extra length everyday to make the girl fall in love with him every single day, over and over again. I doubt it! And Gothika made me have some hard time to fall asleep. I hate ghost story, they always stick in my head too long after the movie is over. Well not much has been done on Sunday, though I was hoping to complete at least 50 sticks of the blue bunga telur…I will try harder this week since I won’t be able to cook any dinner till at least Thursday…go bunga telur go!

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  1. hi Farah, sorry for not replying ur comment in my blog. Pretty busy these days but managed to browse some sites ehehehhe. Anyway, kalau aku akus sempat donload YM balik, kita berchatting balik ek! Aku suka cita 50 first date tu walau tak logic yang that man can go that far! its a feel-good chick flick anyway, so repeatly you can watch it all over sebab the beach boy song kot. hahahaha

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