Rose, A Rose For You

Roses- The Meaning of Each Color

Roses come in a wide range of colors. Each different color has a different meaning.It sends a silent, yet extremely important message from the sender to receiver.

Make sure you are sending the right message when you select roses for someone, else he or she will get the wrong message!

RedLove, beauty, courage and respect
WhitePurity and innocence, silence or secrecy, also reverence and humility
PinkAppreciation,”Thank you”, grace, perfect happiness, and admiration
Dark PinkAppreciation, gratitude
Light Pinkadmiration, sympathy
YellowJoy, gladness, friendship, delight, the promise of a new beginning
OrangeDesire, and enthusiasm
Red and White Given together, these signify unity.
Red RosebudA symbol of purity and loveliness
White RosebudSymbolic of girlhood
Thornless RoseSignifies “Love at first sight”.

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