A Page To Ponder

This is the outcome from my scrapbooking class, more to scrap page since I only managed to create a page..hehehe..now that I know the basics in scrapbooking, those DIY craft magazine with scrapbook features finally make sense to me. Things like eyelet tools, paper cutter and all kind of embelishment come alive in the picture of my mind.

I’m going to sign up for the second level class since the class will teach me stamping using acrylic paint. But that after CNY since the instructor will for sure want to take her break this CNY..

Since this scrap page is only one page, I think I’m going to send it to frame shop to be framed. Not sure whether IKEA has frame for page size 12 x 12. Will have to see later. One of the example in the Papier has only a single travel picture and they framed it nicely in IKEA white frame and it looks so memorable and will be a great keepsake.

For those who want to commemorate the special events in your life, be it your wedding, new born baby, birthday party, graduation and whatnot, this is a great, creative way to do so. The overall cost is quite high since all the materials are imported, you need to use acid-free products otherwise all the pics and paper will turn yellowish and ugly after few years…

You can’t turn back the time, but you can always keep it alive in memory forever, the best way is keeping it in a page for you to ponder and flip all year through. For those interested to know more, just email me at [email protected]. See ya!

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