List of Things I’ve Done

I’ve not been updating my blog for the past 10 days..more or less…hehehe..what have I done all these while…

1. Watched movies/shows: Resident Evil Apocalypse, Charlie and Chocolate Factory, Calendar Girls, Treasure Fleet: Zheng He, Bourne Supremacy, The Stepford Wives, Wanita Hari Ini, Jamie’s School Dinner..and the list go on and on…not to forget Berita 1:30

2. Read Mars and Venus Together Forever, the Internet Millionaire by Irfan Khairy, local magazines – Women’s Weekly, Mingguan Wanita, Pesona Pengantin, Quill magazine and cookbooks. Write slogan for Betty Crocker contest. Read Utusan Online.

3. Sign up for scrapbooking class this Saturday at Papier, The Curve. Another DIY Beauty Workshop in February.

4. Cut grass and cook. Cleared 6 loads of washing.

5. What I’ve been cooking: Beef rendang, beef curry, Tempura- enoki mushroom, prawns and Japanese Sweet Potato, Spaghetti Bolognaise, Ayam Masak Kicap, Karipap Sardin, Sup Kincam

6. Search for materials to be included in my new websites.

Well, that’s what I’ve been doing..and BTW, the pic above has been taken during my Anniversary Dinner at Bagan Lalang last year. Can’t wait for this rainy season to be over so that I can go jalan-jalan somewhere… 🙂


  1. kdg2 tu bukan la sibuk sgt..tapi semangat nak menulis blog tu kureng skit..asal nak type je rasa adeh maleh la…tak pe akan MQ cuba update selalu..cerita sentiasa ada…hehehe..

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