Tempura Fish Pacific West

It’s my first working day again..after almost a year break. At first there’s nothing much to do, even the bosses were not in yet until around 10am. So 3 of us took the time to get to know each other, after all we used to work under the same organization though not under the same department. We printed the manuals and realized those manuals did not make any sense to be read. But since Manager S asked Vincent to print all the 84 crap manuals, we just followed the order until Project Manager, SL came in and said that the manuals were more suitable for developers rather than users like us. So we stopped printing and have to find something else to occupy our time.

Tick tock, tick tock..the time ticked ever so slowly until it was lunch time. Another 4-5 hours to going back time, more new manuals which make better sense, short demo and presentation by the ExxonMobil people. I managed to log in to the Card/1 system and changed my password. The system was very user unfriendly. Tomorrow we will be having hands on with the system. At least it would give better view of the system rather than browsing through all the thick manuals.

At last it was time to go home. My brain was tired and we decided to have simple dinner at a nearby restaurant. The problem with eating out is after almost one hour after that we will feel hungry again. Supper time I decided to fry the Pacific West Fish Tempura. It was delicious and really convenient to prepare. Together with Lady’s Choice Tartar Sauce, it was like having Fish n Chip at F1..hahahha…to those who never try Pacific West, it’s highly recommended especially to those who love Fish n Chips…for the chips i have not found any brand which I could recommend yet…

I’m going to sleep now, have to wake up early for work….I want to stay at home again…when it’s the right time, I’ll be a homemaker again…I’ll pray hard for it…Aminnn…


  1. aku pun suke pacific west nih. dolu2 zaman kat penang (zaman bergaji dan berduit) slalu masak2 (err actually goreng2 aje) segala jenis tempura pacific west nih.. udang sotong pun ade bes giler~!

  2. assalamualaikum MQ, ape kabar? blogged psl tempura plak ye.. looked yummy.. ijan post dari opis baru ni.. new work, new environment, the new thing remains the same is my company ahaha.. oso staff number haha.. well, all the best finding methods to occupy ur time ya..

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