MMU 6th Convocation 2005

After a year plus waiting for the invitation to MMU Convocation ceremony, it finally arrived. Few changes were made by MMU Convocation committee this time compared to the year in which I attended my convocation. For example,the invitation card and car sticker were not sent to home, we were forced to claim them at Dewan Seri Negeri in Melaka either on Friday or Saturday since my husband’s session was on Sunday. The graduates were required to test their smart card or 64K MyKad in order for their name to be called outloud on the stage.

Eventhough I found it such a hassle to do in the first place, but when the moment came, as the big screen showed my husband’s name and his degree title, I felt all the pride and joy engulfed my big heart at that time. For all the years he struggled to get the degree, all the hurdles and obstacles he overcame, I could never explain how proud I was at that time. Plus this year the chancellor Tun Dr Siti Hasmah handed out the scroll personally, unlike my time when we received the scrolls from the Dean of Faculty.

And when the MMU song Permata Dunia were sang by the two undergraduates, (I think one of them must be a foreigner), I felt very proud to be a part of MMU graduates community. As the ceremony ended after all the long speeches, the graduates jumped and threw their mortar boards in joy, I realized that eventhough the journey to the Degree world has came to completion, the long road ahead is still waiting. There will be more real life assignments, endurance tests that create heartache, quizzes which bring headache and bigger world examinations to take, and this time no syllabus is available for us to follow, no one particular textbook to read in order to pass all the life test with honour. What we have is only our guts, great patience and all the accumulated life experiences to lead the way. May we never give up and endlessly find the wisdom in life.


  1. I’m one of the 5th convo graduates, still a lot of hassle & very messy back then.
    I heard this time around it’s quite great & glamorous, or something like that?
    I’m Multimedia System graduate tho 😉
    Nice to know familiar stories around.

  2. yer..mmg berharga segulung ijazah tu..cuma org yg melaluinya yg paham nilai scroll tu..susah payah nak dpt graduate, kan!

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